CI to produce a Gender Sensitive Reporting Guideline

Díli- President of Timor-Leste Press Council, Virgílio da Silva Guterres, became a speaker in the national seminar “End Violence against Women and Young Girls" organized by a non-governmental organization Rede Feto at the meeting room of Rede Feto, Obrigado-Barak, 18/2/2021.  

During the presentation, CI’s president explained the competence and role of the media concerning the prevention of violence against women and young girls.

Virgílio Guterres said the commitment of the press council was to continue organizing the media literacy training, saying it would produce a gender-sensitive reporting guideline to all the journalists to cover gender equality issue in the country.

“Press council also pledges to continue organizing of media literacy program, in this kind of places, ready to share the thoughts. For this year, the press council will produce a guideline to all the journalists on how to conduct a coverage of gender-based equality because the coverage of the journalists is required to have a gender perspective,” Explained CI's President’’. 

He called to all the young girls in looking for women’s fight, duties and opinions through media outlets in the country.

The participants who attended the seminar raised questions regarding the position of the press council concerning those Medias that do not apply the fact in publishing journalist work. They also suggested to the press council to provide an adequate training for the journalists concerning gender-sensitivity reporting. 

In response, the CI president said “if the media listener, readers or viewers feel that the media publication deviates from the fact, they can inquiry the correct responds and rectification to the body and the media outlets publishing if they were infringing the news".  

At the end of the session, Mr. Virgílio called all the young girls to begin changing the words, thoughts in practical actions started from living a life from the family adopting the patriarchal system.

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