CI’s Position in responding to media captured Xanana visiting a former Catholic Father, Richard Dascbach.

Díli – The Timor-Leste Press Council through the press conferences, responding the position of CI in regards to the publication of the media related to the visit of Xanana Gusmão to the former pastor Richard Dascbach, Last Tuesday (26thof January 2021). 

‘’According to CI analysis on this issue, those Journalists came from three media who broadcasted this news, however, did not write this news. Also, they copied it from the media that accompanied brother Xanana,” CI president argumentum this in the press conference, at the CI’s office, Quintal Boot, Dili, which participating by the Executive CI structure. 

In the press conference note, CI presented a total of 16 errors that the media violated through the social communication concerning the visit of Xanana Gusmao to the former catholic father, Richard Dascbach.

Can access it through the link

Chair Person of CI, Virgílio da Silva Guterres called on all the media outlets to abide by their journalism code of ethics in respect for the right of the source, especially for those vulnerable sources. 

The man in charge of CI said, “CI does not question the Xanana’s visit, however observing from the journalists’ coverage. CI in this concept did not really question the visit of brother Xanana, even in the other aspect of public opinion as a leader, supposedly He did not go, and however, CI will put more attention to the journalists’ coverage.”

Abiding by the Press Law, concerning the competency of the Press Council, Article 44, line one promotes freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and independence of the media from the influence of anyone, group and political and economic interests. 

The second line states that the competency of the Press Council is to approve and supervise the media outlets and the journalists for abiding by the code of ethics.

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