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TL Press Councils Organize the Annual Plans of 2021

Dili - at the beginning of 2021, from the 11th -15th of January, Timor-Leste Press Council (CI), through Executive Director Rigoberto Monteiro, conducted meeting with the team from every division to establish plans of the year 2021 as a guidance for all the programs in TL Press councils.

The Executive Director, Rigoberto Monteiro, led the annual plans for Timor-Leste Press Council of 2021 through the method of filling up the matrix indicator activity based on the activities of every three months, started form the first until fourth three months.

Division of press council composes of Division of media development analyzing (DADM), Division of register judiciary support (DRAJ), Division of Social Communication, institution and cooperation relations (DCSRICC), Division of Human Resources (DRH) and Division of Finances Administration, Procurement and logistic (DFAL). (CI)

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