The President of CI Extended His Appreciation to the CI Former Member

Díli – President of Timor-Leste Press Council (CI), Virgílio da Silva Guterres, expressed his deeper appreciation to the efforts and contribution given by 3 (three) CI former member.

The Three Former members who have terminated their mandate composed of: José Maria Ximenes, Hugo Maria Fernandes no Paulo Adriano da Cruz de Araújo. 

“To all the results that KI has achieved in the previous mandate, I would like to take this opportunity in expressing my deeper appreciation to the effort and contribution that the three CI former members; Mr. Jose Maria Ximenes, Mr. Hugo Maria Fernandes and Mr. Paulo Adriano da Cruz de Araujo have done to this intuitions,” CI President, Virgílio Guterres expressed his appreciation to the three member, during his speech at the swearing-in ceremony that conducted on Wednesday (10/02/2021), at the House of the National Parliament).

President said, sometimes we fight in plenary, but with the mutual respect way to achieve the great conclusion in dignifying the duty and profile of CI in public that will become a reference for newly elected members.  

“To 3 of you, there is no thanks and no goodbye; CI that 3 of you have contributed is growing, and will be existing from you, your wisdom by developing it to become a credible regulatory body in the area of social communication. “Said CI President” .

The Previous Member of CI officially been sworn-in by the House Speaker of the National Parliament (PN), Adérito Hugo da Costa, on 10th of May 2015.

Besides that, Five (5) members of the press council who were sworn-in for the second period composed of Virgílio da Silva Guterres (chairperson), Benevides Correia Barros (member), Expedito Dias Ximenes (member), Francisco Simões Belo da Costa (member), and Otelio Ote (member). The swearing-in ceremony conducted on the 10th of February 2021.

Abiding by the social communication decree-law no. 5/2014, 19th of November, in article 46 states, the mandate

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